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Our company was founded to develop, certify and deploy advanced technologies that electric utilities could use to improve the efficiency, capacity, reliability and resiliency of the electric power grid, worldwide. To date we have more than 450 projects completed in more than 40 countries. Our primary product is the high-capacity, low-sag (“HCLS / HTLS”) CTC Global ACCC Conductor. ACCC® is a registered trademark of CTC Global.

CTC Global is a privately held Delaware Corporation headquartered in Irvine, California midway between Los Angeles and San Diego. We are located about one mile east of the Orange County John Wayne (SNA) airport, less than ten miles from the Pacific Ocean and Newport Beach. CTC Global (formerly CTC Cable, a subsidiary of Composite Technology Corporation), was privatized in 2011. CTC Global’s staff began the development of the high-capacity, low-sag ACCC® conductor in early 2003. CTC Global subsequently moved from our early R&D facility and offices into our current Irvine headquarters and manufacturing center in 2004. The ACCC conductor was commercialized in 2005 and we received ISO certification in 2006.

CTC Global’s 110,000 square foot facility in Irvine, California houses its corporate offices, business development team managers, product engineering and R&D staff, application engineers, procurement and production teams and quality assurance staff. In addition to producing the CTC Global ACCC conductor’s hybrid carbon and glass fiber ACCC core, CTC Global also produces a number of components used in various connectors such as dead-ends and splices.

CTC Global also manufactures its own production equipment and tooling as well as test fixtures and other components. We have a mechanical test lab, a quality control test lab, a separate chemistry lab and accelerated and long term test fixtures and other quality assurance and quality control devices.


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CTC Global ACCC conductor solutions can double transmission capacity

The ACCC conductor utilizes a hybrid carbon and glass fiber composite core that offers greater strength and lighter weight compared to other structural core types. CTC Global’s lighter weight composite core also enables the CTC Global ACCC conductor to incorporate up to 30 percent more aluminum without a weight or diameter penalty (using compact trapezoidal strands). The added aluminum content serves to reduce electrical resistance and line losses by 25 to 40 percent or more compared to other conductors of the same size. The ACCC conductor’s hybrid composite core also reduces thermal sag that limit the current carrying capacity of other conductor types. CTC Global ACCC conductor currently offers the best overall performance compared to any other conductor on the market today.


CTC Global ACCC conductor
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